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HIsto-gram of the length of the leads.

0-25: 48
0-50: 1012
51-75: 4563
126-150: 623
151-175: 175
176-200: 67

201-250: 51
252-300: 30
301-350: 41
351-400: 44
401-450: 39
451-500: 84
501-550: 62
551-600: 41
601-650: 22
651-700: 43
701-750: 93
751-800: 99
801-850: 86
851-900: 57
901-950: 32
951-1000: 15
1000-1050: 12
1051-1100: 2
1101-1150- 1
1151-1200: 1
1201-1250: 1
1251-1300: 1
1451-1500: 1

0-25: 75
0-50: 210
51-75: 752
76-100: 1059
101-125: 550
126-150: 243
151-175: 79
176-200: 43

201-300: 50
301-400: 8
401-500: 1
501-600: 1
601-700: 0
701-800: 0
801-900: 0
901-1000: 1
1000-1100: 1
1101-1200: 1
1201-1300: 0
1301-1400: 0
1401-1500: 1
1500-3500: 0

0-25: 63
0-50: 1239
51-75: 4230
76-100: 4100
101-125: 1487
126-150: 317
151-175: 71
176-200: 70

201-300: 233
301-400: 183
401-500: 113
501-600: 73
601-700: 37
701-800: 18
801-900: 10
901-1000: 6
1000-1100: 6
1101-1200: 1
1201-1300: 1
1301-1400: 2
1401-1500: 3
1500-3500 : 9

0-25: 43
0-50: 123
51-75: 641
126-150: 213
151-175: 106

201-300: 37
301-400: 3
401-500: 1
501-600: 0
601-700: 0
701-800: 0
801-900: 0
901-1000: 1
1000-1100: 0
1101-1200: 0
1201-1300: 1
1301-1400: 1
1401-1500: 0
1500-3500 : 0

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Who has most influenced you the most creatively, and how?

Mostly when I write my influences come from the people around me. I like to steal characters of real life humans. Then I mold them into a situation I like. Man, pathetic. I used to think this idea was nice. I mean sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them too and a story can fix things. Like the book Atonement.

I guess I'm not sure one person has influenced me the most. Maybe it's partically because I don't feel like I've ever acomplished anything worth it. I mean if someone influenced me to finish my work than I think that person would be the one that influenced me the most creatively.

In general, I like the people that push me. I like a challenge. I alway have relationships on my mind which is why this connection relates to my personal response but in this world I've been stagnant. I read He's Just Not That Into You, I have faith in there theory. It just that I feel like I'm missing out on a something when I don't have a person there who encourages me and listens to me. I've frequently thought that I've just been a late bloomer like this is my High School ordeal in college. Having one relationship that totally didn't work at all. What I'm trying to get at is whether I should take risks. I need to stop thinking and take more action.

Anyway, I've been in a constant failure all day today. I accidently did horrible damage to my jeans, I couldn't take a nap, and now I'm at this all night write and all I've managed to do is write a little bit of nothing, and failed at answering this question to a journal promt. I can't focus and I'm worried someelse horrible is going to happen. I'm holding back when I might most likely be able to create something spectaclar. I think I have an idea now. Not a very good one but I think it something.

Now, finally has most influenced me the most creatively. Well I've been writing for as long as I can remember and it's always been more of an escape for me than anything else. No one has ever been able to push me out of my confort zone...I'm sorry I'm failing...I think I'm starting to fall...Hold my mouse and I'll...hold yours.

That's the only thing I've been able to write all night and it doesn't make any sence at all.

Soul Resting Place

For my writing class, we had to write about a soul resting place. Now the class is mostly on the envirnoment and nature so that's pretty much all we ever write about but when I think of soul resting places I can't think of anythat that would be for me and be outdoors. I've never been much of an outdoors person. Ok, that's a lie. We used to go camping all the time starting about fourth grade. We would go with some our family friends and have a great time. Lately, with all of us kids heading off to college, we don't have time to go camping anymore and my time outdoors as dwindled. Anyway, when I think of soul resting places, I think of Stargirl - that book by Jerry Spinelli. She goes on the outskirts of town where there's desert land and tells Leo to meditate. Basically she tells him to stop thinking all together. Now I guess I don't really have a place like that where I stop thinking. I feel like my soul resting place is a place where I can let my imagination take over and just let my mind travel freely. Then I see what I see, see what's in me. I guess kind of like in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World where Romona says that his mind is easy to travel through because he has that dream about how she is coming to drop off his package when he wakes up she's really there. I feel like my soul resting place would be where I could open my mind up so that ideas could just travel through it.
The closest I ever get to that state is when I'm alone and I lay on the floor. More specifically on the carpet in the "playroom" at my house - the place above the garadge where I now have a room to sleep. That area is pretty big and it's just open. I like to lay there and listen to music and that's when my best choreography comes into existance. I'm free to let my mind interpret what I hear. It's beautiful.

Clapping and Crying

About a week ago, we had a discussion in my African American Woman Writer's course about the background music. In this case, a man pulled along his wife across this large property because she wanted her dowry that her brother wouldn't give her. He finally decided to give in after her persistance but that didn't stop him from turning his angry emotions at her. All the while, the background music played a nice and happy melody while the whole town followed them on there journey. One time, she fell a woman approached the man asking him if he wanted her stick in order to beat the woman for her bad behavior. of course this scene created a sense of disturbing throughout the classroom but also brought some chuckles. After watching the clip, someone mentioned the chuckling and we started talking about the laugh track - that background audience clapping that is placed in a scene where the writers, producers, or whoever want you to laugh.
I, myself, have seen it over and over; when people are uncomfortable about something they tend to turn towards laughter to cover it up. I can't lie I was constantly tempted to smile throughout the scene even though I knew how disgusted I was with it. I feel like it's engrained in our culture. It comes up in scary movies especially. People like to mix horror with laugher to balance out the emotions. Of course the Scary Movies series dominates the horror with comedy and maybe a little bit of ridiculousness, but the comedy is there. I feel like the phrase "laugh it off" has seeped past getting a bruised knee and manning it up to a way to respond to situations that make people unsettled. I'm trying hard to not act that way but it's not as easy as it seems.
Thinking about laugh tracks and the way people respond to movies in general, it made me also think about how men react to romantic movies. Sometime in the past month I watched The Last Station. I had a deeply emotional reaction to that movie and I feel like the rest of us did as well. I watched it with three guys and almost the entire time they were sidetrack, commenting on the movie or commenting on some topic that sprung from the movie. I feel part of that came from the fact that they felt uncomfortable feeling so much from that movie. I could be wrong but I think men react the way they do to romantic films just like people laugh when they are faced with an uncomfortable situation. I think watching a emotionally engaging movie with friends of both genders is difficult because our culture pushes men away from expressing those feelings. You know they need to be a man, strong, and be in control of his emotions. At first I wasn't too happy that they kept interupting the movie but I think that maybe I was a little to harsh. They can't help it.
Rethinking this through, I think I can work with this in my novel. So far I've wanted this focus on emotion and emotional repression that Evelyn has. This will probably play a bigger role with in the real world relationship because I feel like there is nothing pressure in the new world to expose her nerves. This is good stuff.
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Ah, journaling, something I've frequently attempted over the years and failed to be consistant. At moments like this one I tend to feel a little lonely and need extra space to whine about my non-existant affairs. I just sat down and watched about six episodes of Veronica Mars and now I can't seem to get her voice out of my head. If you've ever heard it you should be start over and reread this post in her diction. Boy, I don't know I'm going to do when I finish season two. I mean I'm almost half way done already. It's so hard to stop. The cliff hangers are almost worse than True Blood. Or maybe there is just something about having the next episode available to you that doesn't allow a person to have control of the sitaution. Well, I've managed to make it out alive. It wasn't without a fight though. I almost stayed for another episode.

For the past few days I've been incredibily dying for a boyfriend. Unfortunatly they don't just pop out of thin air, damn. Well, I just wait. It doesn't help that I'm extremely picky. I was thinking back to what one of my friends told me. Women need there to be some connect between a man and a woman to be aroused, which is why sex filled romantic novels count as female pornography. Men, however, just need the action to feel well...you know. I'm trying to remember about the boys I liked. I'm wondering now if I'm having such a hard time turning my eyes to other interests because I just haven't met anyone lately. I don't know. I'm not sure that this is my only problem. My problem is I have two parts of my life, work and not work. I don't really do anything else. Then I don't have the "friends" to go to places where I could meet new friends.

Alright well, parental invasion means less thinking for me and no time for anything me....I can't even write a coherent sentance anymore...ugh.


One more thing..for the future. Why have vampire novels neglected to devote some time to the menstrual period?

Something I never finished...

Ok I'm trying to develop my characters for my story that I'll actually writting specifically for someone. I can't decide if I want to right from the girls pov or the guys. I think I want to use the names from When Bubbles Attack. I remember having some cool names in there. Anyway I'm leaning towards the boy's pov because his story is more interesting but I feel like I always write from that pov and I should write from the females. I think I could make the story more credible from the females but more interesting from the males. I should try and make a rough outline because that would probably help me decide where I should go wtih this. I'm going to do both. It makes it so much easier and I want the characters to know that the boy should find the girl. Do I? Maybe not. I do want her to be scared of death if she finds him because of her bee. I'm wondering if they should both be infected or not. I mean in the dream she becomes a bee but he doesn't. Maybe he did get infected but it didn't work on him and that is why he has the disease but doesn't change. Hmmm livejounral is brilliant. They a

Now I have to develop Bikita or whatever her name is going to be.

Possible names Bikita Regina Elroy

Thought Effecting My Daily Functions

So things were looking up...not for long. I tried to move my affections to someone else but it turns out that no matter where throw my affections they end up leading to nothing. Even if my heart breaks I'll still be alone. Damn Kelly Clarkson can sing my life. I'm trying to work on revising my story but it's really hard with this on my mind. I don't know if thoughts have ever really hurt my writing. I mean whenever I am writing my stories I'm writing my feelings but this time I have no wiggle room. I have my story already and I have to stick to it. It's actually not horrible but I have a really hard time get into the writing mode. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Get over it...I guess. I just wish I had something to look forward too instead of this constant wishy washy, what am I going to do, what is he going to do thing? I need something concrete, some security. That's what i need. Whatever I need to do something so it doesn't interfer with my work. I need to stop thinking about him.

Devoloping My Short Story

Ok so I finished the main part of my short story but now I am a little sketchy on my begining and the end. I want the begining to start with the incedient when he hears that she is the one. He looks into her eyes and Camellia comes up. He spends the rest of the day going over his relationship and their story. Then it's late almost everyone has gone home. He meets Ayele again in the elevator. She begins to become courious about him. She asks him what he does. He would rather not talk to her so he tells her off, she is a spy she can figure it out for herself. They have strong loathing feelings for eachother. Ayele embarks on a mission to discover all she can about him because once a challege presents itself she can stop it. She talks to a couple people they give her little information actually more information about his father. She happens to get a hold of his file. She is almost caught by Lampton, who is reluctant to tell her anything at all about Lester. He suggests she asks him herself. Since she has retained quite a bit of information about him she decided to take his advice and ask him out to dinner. To her surpise and his he says yes. Then I need to take some time to describe the night just before her sitting down where I started before.
After I need to switch to Ayele's point of view the next day at work. She is really excited to see him again. She spent the entire night thinking about what he said and she knew now he finally opened up to someone. She really got to him. When he doesn't show up for work at all she gets a feeling she realizes as heartbreak. She tries to turn to someone but rememebers how the rest of her coworkers feel about him and decides against it. Keeping these feelings inside is tearing apart her insides and she thinks she is going to burst. She goes to Lampton and tells him she can't work right now. She needs to take the day off. Sending her off with some words of wisdom we find out he knows the location of this Lester. She heads off and exited the elevator on the first floor she passed him without noticing. NO black, no long hair, she doesn't reconizge him. At the last minute he realizes it is her. She heads up the stairs trying to catch up with him. He meets her half way. After he says her name he starts his monologe. She tells him what she has realized because of today. He cuts her off and says Lips and Fingertips. Beautiful. Kind of lame be W/E.

Bored on Friday Night

So I'm too lazy to go get my own computer so I'm using Chelsea and livejournal is my one source to the internet where I can retrieve this at a different date. Anyways, I was reading my last two posts, which were a while ago. Mort Rainey, how did I know that he was the character from Secret Window. I do not remember looking his name up, which is what I must have done. I read that and was like who is Mort Rainey (No swearing because it's no swearing week)? Well I guess I just came here to do some free-typing to work out my plot for my short story for my creative writing class.

Ok this is going to be hard because I love long novelty stories. I'm not sure whether or not I want to go with an idea I've thought of already or a new one. I guess we will see. I'm going to go through what I have to work with. I have Id which I've already divided into mulitiple parts so it wouldn't be that hard to develope some sort of short story. I love the characters in that story too so it wouldn't be that hard. Also I have the Half Blood Prince: Redemtion of Severus Snape novel that I really love. Fire and Water is out of the question I think. It's just way too long. Otherwise I have that college story where the girl meets her old friend from the neighborhood. Oh and the online one. I started working on that in college too as just a free write thing. I really like that idea. I probably could get around with making that short plus it has to do with creating an entirly different world. Hmm I'm really inclinded to do that one. Also I have my princess story where she goes to war with the soliders but that story isn't as well developed as the others and I only have a month. Vampires are out of the question. There is a lot of vampire talk right now especially since Moonlight is on right now and I want to watch it but I have to wait for Chelsea. I'm running out of preivious ideas. Oh I had that love and labels idea but that's I don't even know what to do with that one. It's so hard to develope something so small. I need the big picture man. I'm thinking my top two are going to be the Online Dating one and Id. I've already got a good start on that although the first chapter is really just character introduction. Maybe I can cut that short for now but cause it really sounds magnificant but may be unnessary. My instinct is telling me that the internet one would be a better choice even though Id is a far better story. Maybe I need to work on both like this weekend. Make sure to have a concete start and begining then decide.
I'm really interested in conversations. Both stories I've picked out are very similar. Ahh this is so difficult. Clearly even my fast approach isn't good enough I need to get and outline and soon. I'm coming to realize that Ayele and Hakan's love story is nothing near spectalur. All I have is a something slightly resembling Pride and Prejudice without the wonderful plot. Horrible. I forgot to add the Casino Royale twist but that isn't helping much either. He is just an arragant pychologiest in the line of reasearch and she just designs spy tools. They work for the same company and must see each other for thus reason. This is not going to work. I should for lack of the devopement is HBP:ROSS combine characteristics and story lines. The only problem is I really like the name Lester Sven it took me so long to come up with that name. Hakan Snazyburger (I can't even remember). Yep this is how it's going to go. Now the main character's father takes a particular role in the story. I don't think I can get around it. Althought this makes things alot easier for them to fall in love. He however must not be convinced of his love for her. this is the other option to his current personality.

Brillant! Brillant! Brillant! That's my plan. I need to do this more often. This also makes it easier. I don't have to think of a title for my other story. Ayele's hair with have to be RED. Very important. Lester and Ayele. Hmm we'll see. I'm definatly keeping Lester's name. That is a gift.