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Bored on Friday Night

So I'm too lazy to go get my own computer so I'm using Chelsea and livejournal is my one source to the internet where I can retrieve this at a different date. Anyways, I was reading my last two posts, which were a while ago. Mort Rainey, how did I know that he was the character from Secret Window. I do not remember looking his name up, which is what I must have done. I read that and was like who is Mort Rainey (No swearing because it's no swearing week)? Well I guess I just came here to do some free-typing to work out my plot for my short story for my creative writing class.

Ok this is going to be hard because I love long novelty stories. I'm not sure whether or not I want to go with an idea I've thought of already or a new one. I guess we will see. I'm going to go through what I have to work with. I have Id which I've already divided into mulitiple parts so it wouldn't be that hard to develope some sort of short story. I love the characters in that story too so it wouldn't be that hard. Also I have the Half Blood Prince: Redemtion of Severus Snape novel that I really love. Fire and Water is out of the question I think. It's just way too long. Otherwise I have that college story where the girl meets her old friend from the neighborhood. Oh and the online one. I started working on that in college too as just a free write thing. I really like that idea. I probably could get around with making that short plus it has to do with creating an entirly different world. Hmm I'm really inclinded to do that one. Also I have my princess story where she goes to war with the soliders but that story isn't as well developed as the others and I only have a month. Vampires are out of the question. There is a lot of vampire talk right now especially since Moonlight is on right now and I want to watch it but I have to wait for Chelsea. I'm running out of preivious ideas. Oh I had that love and labels idea but that's I don't even know what to do with that one. It's so hard to develope something so small. I need the big picture man. I'm thinking my top two are going to be the Online Dating one and Id. I've already got a good start on that although the first chapter is really just character introduction. Maybe I can cut that short for now but cause it really sounds magnificant but may be unnessary. My instinct is telling me that the internet one would be a better choice even though Id is a far better story. Maybe I need to work on both like this weekend. Make sure to have a concete start and begining then decide.
I'm really interested in conversations. Both stories I've picked out are very similar. Ahh this is so difficult. Clearly even my fast approach isn't good enough I need to get and outline and soon. I'm coming to realize that Ayele and Hakan's love story is nothing near spectalur. All I have is a something slightly resembling Pride and Prejudice without the wonderful plot. Horrible. I forgot to add the Casino Royale twist but that isn't helping much either. He is just an arragant pychologiest in the line of reasearch and she just designs spy tools. They work for the same company and must see each other for thus reason. This is not going to work. I should for lack of the devopement is HBP:ROSS combine characteristics and story lines. The only problem is I really like the name Lester Sven it took me so long to come up with that name. Hakan Snazyburger (I can't even remember). Yep this is how it's going to go. Now the main character's father takes a particular role in the story. I don't think I can get around it. Althought this makes things alot easier for them to fall in love. He however must not be convinced of his love for her. this is the other option to his current personality.

Brillant! Brillant! Brillant! That's my plan. I need to do this more often. This also makes it easier. I don't have to think of a title for my other story. Ayele's hair with have to be RED. Very important. Lester and Ayele. Hmm we'll see. I'm definatly keeping Lester's name. That is a gift.

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