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Devoloping My Short Story

Ok so I finished the main part of my short story but now I am a little sketchy on my begining and the end. I want the begining to start with the incedient when he hears that she is the one. He looks into her eyes and Camellia comes up. He spends the rest of the day going over his relationship and their story. Then it's late almost everyone has gone home. He meets Ayele again in the elevator. She begins to become courious about him. She asks him what he does. He would rather not talk to her so he tells her off, she is a spy she can figure it out for herself. They have strong loathing feelings for eachother. Ayele embarks on a mission to discover all she can about him because once a challege presents itself she can stop it. She talks to a couple people they give her little information actually more information about his father. She happens to get a hold of his file. She is almost caught by Lampton, who is reluctant to tell her anything at all about Lester. He suggests she asks him herself. Since she has retained quite a bit of information about him she decided to take his advice and ask him out to dinner. To her surpise and his he says yes. Then I need to take some time to describe the night just before her sitting down where I started before.
After I need to switch to Ayele's point of view the next day at work. She is really excited to see him again. She spent the entire night thinking about what he said and she knew now he finally opened up to someone. She really got to him. When he doesn't show up for work at all she gets a feeling she realizes as heartbreak. She tries to turn to someone but rememebers how the rest of her coworkers feel about him and decides against it. Keeping these feelings inside is tearing apart her insides and she thinks she is going to burst. She goes to Lampton and tells him she can't work right now. She needs to take the day off. Sending her off with some words of wisdom we find out he knows the location of this Lester. She heads off and exited the elevator on the first floor she passed him without noticing. NO black, no long hair, she doesn't reconizge him. At the last minute he realizes it is her. She heads up the stairs trying to catch up with him. He meets her half way. After he says her name he starts his monologe. She tells him what she has realized because of today. He cuts her off and says Lips and Fingertips. Beautiful. Kind of lame be W/E.

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