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Something I never finished...

Ok I'm trying to develop my characters for my story that I'll actually writting specifically for someone. I can't decide if I want to right from the girls pov or the guys. I think I want to use the names from When Bubbles Attack. I remember having some cool names in there. Anyway I'm leaning towards the boy's pov because his story is more interesting but I feel like I always write from that pov and I should write from the females. I think I could make the story more credible from the females but more interesting from the males. I should try and make a rough outline because that would probably help me decide where I should go wtih this. I'm going to do both. It makes it so much easier and I want the characters to know that the boy should find the girl. Do I? Maybe not. I do want her to be scared of death if she finds him because of her bee. I'm wondering if they should both be infected or not. I mean in the dream she becomes a bee but he doesn't. Maybe he did get infected but it didn't work on him and that is why he has the disease but doesn't change. Hmmm livejounral is brilliant. They a

Now I have to develop Bikita or whatever her name is going to be.

Possible names Bikita Regina Elroy

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