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Ah, journaling, something I've frequently attempted over the years and failed to be consistant. At moments like this one I tend to feel a little lonely and need extra space to whine about my non-existant affairs. I just sat down and watched about six episodes of Veronica Mars and now I can't seem to get her voice out of my head. If you've ever heard it you should be start over and reread this post in her diction. Boy, I don't know I'm going to do when I finish season two. I mean I'm almost half way done already. It's so hard to stop. The cliff hangers are almost worse than True Blood. Or maybe there is just something about having the next episode available to you that doesn't allow a person to have control of the sitaution. Well, I've managed to make it out alive. It wasn't without a fight though. I almost stayed for another episode.

For the past few days I've been incredibily dying for a boyfriend. Unfortunatly they don't just pop out of thin air, damn. Well, I just wait. It doesn't help that I'm extremely picky. I was thinking back to what one of my friends told me. Women need there to be some connect between a man and a woman to be aroused, which is why sex filled romantic novels count as female pornography. Men, however, just need the action to feel well...you know. I'm trying to remember about the boys I liked. I'm wondering now if I'm having such a hard time turning my eyes to other interests because I just haven't met anyone lately. I don't know. I'm not sure that this is my only problem. My problem is I have two parts of my life, work and not work. I don't really do anything else. Then I don't have the "friends" to go to places where I could meet new friends.

Alright well, parental invasion means less thinking for me and no time for anything me....I can't even write a coherent sentance anymore...ugh.


One more thing..for the future. Why have vampire novels neglected to devote some time to the menstrual period?

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