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Soul Resting Place

For my writing class, we had to write about a soul resting place. Now the class is mostly on the envirnoment and nature so that's pretty much all we ever write about but when I think of soul resting places I can't think of anythat that would be for me and be outdoors. I've never been much of an outdoors person. Ok, that's a lie. We used to go camping all the time starting about fourth grade. We would go with some our family friends and have a great time. Lately, with all of us kids heading off to college, we don't have time to go camping anymore and my time outdoors as dwindled. Anyway, when I think of soul resting places, I think of Stargirl - that book by Jerry Spinelli. She goes on the outskirts of town where there's desert land and tells Leo to meditate. Basically she tells him to stop thinking all together. Now I guess I don't really have a place like that where I stop thinking. I feel like my soul resting place is a place where I can let my imagination take over and just let my mind travel freely. Then I see what I see, see what's in me. I guess kind of like in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World where Romona says that his mind is easy to travel through because he has that dream about how she is coming to drop off his package when he wakes up she's really there. I feel like my soul resting place would be where I could open my mind up so that ideas could just travel through it.
The closest I ever get to that state is when I'm alone and I lay on the floor. More specifically on the carpet in the "playroom" at my house - the place above the garadge where I now have a room to sleep. That area is pretty big and it's just open. I like to lay there and listen to music and that's when my best choreography comes into existance. I'm free to let my mind interpret what I hear. It's beautiful.

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