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Thought Effecting My Daily Functions

So things were looking up...not for long. I tried to move my affections to someone else but it turns out that no matter where throw my affections they end up leading to nothing. Even if my heart breaks I'll still be alone. Damn Kelly Clarkson can sing my life. I'm trying to work on revising my story but it's really hard with this on my mind. I don't know if thoughts have ever really hurt my writing. I mean whenever I am writing my stories I'm writing my feelings but this time I have no wiggle room. I have my story already and I have to stick to it. It's actually not horrible but I have a really hard time get into the writing mode. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Get over it...I guess. I just wish I had something to look forward too instead of this constant wishy washy, what am I going to do, what is he going to do thing? I need something concrete, some security. That's what i need. Whatever I need to do something so it doesn't interfer with my work. I need to stop thinking about him.

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